Connectivity where it's needed

Connecting the the ultra rural communities and businesses

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We are a team of data engineers highly experienced in fibre optics, wireless and microwave connectivity solutions. Where we differ is we use a JFDI approach to connecting our clients.

We specialise in connecting rural communities and businesses to the World. Using a combination of technologies we are able to deliver fast, resilient and cost effective solutions to your connectivity needs.

We work with the clients to ensure the solution is future proof, ready for the ever increasing demands of connectivity on all of our lives.

Nationwide Coverage

Ready to deliver connectivity

from Lands End to John o' Groats and beyond.

Highly Trained Team

Our team of talented fibre and microwave engineers are qualified in all types of installation outdoors.

Fully Equipped

Ready to go with all the equipment to connect a small community, a large estate, a farm or remote buildings.


We consult on fibre and wireless installation and deployment, install using industry standards, we are specialists in rural connectivity. Unlike the rest of the industry we don't shy away from the "hard to connect" in fact, we enjoy the challenge!

We Deliver Solutions To Your Connectivity Headaches

Fibre Network Design

With years of experience in designing fibre networks that deliver, and surpass the clients requirements and expectations. We'll work with you to make it happen.


Working to industry standards we can survey your existing infrastructure and advise on performance, resilience and where fibre faults are likely to occur.


We work as a team with the client to install fibre networks. We employ all the latest fibre methodologies from traditional pulled fibre to blown fibre cable and fibre bundle all with our own equipment.

Fibre Termination

We work hard to ensure your investment in fibre works for as long as planned so we terminate into industry standard enclosures and panels.

Fibre Testing

Before commissioning any network we certify the fibre by OTDR testing on all planned wavelengths, ensuring the network will achieve the planned uptime and availability.

Fibre Repair

We are specialists in fibre fault repair from a fibre strike fix to intermittent fault finding. We can be available almost anywhere in the UK, 24/7 us and we'll be on our way!


Advise and support is always available for companies wanting to move to fibre infrastructure. From vendors needing a "fibre in their arsenal" to communities wanting help with their own broadband project.

We care!

We care about our customers and want to do the very best for them and their needs. We are the definition of small enough to care but big enough to deliver!


Perfection in fibre

Ultra Rural Networks

Cockpit Close, Kirk Ella, Kingston Upon Hull HU10 7LG

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